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The trust and safety company for the peer-to-peer economy

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The trust and safety company for the peer-to-peer economy
Safely. Trust insured.

Safely answers the two most pressing questions in the vacation home rental industry:
Who is staying in my house?
What happens when something goes wrong?

Combining a rigorous guest verification program with the most comprehensive insurance available, Safely gives property managers and homeowners peace of mind that their homes are safe and protected.

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Lui King

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Co-Founder and VP Operations at Safely, Partner RemoteDepositCapture.com. Worked at @Home Depot, @Arup

Pranav Patel

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VP of Growth at @Safely Hospitality and travel expert. Worked at @Safely @Maya Group

Andrew Bate

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CEO of Safely with travel and strategy background at McKinsey's Travel Practice and Razorfish. London Business School MBA, Emory BBA.
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