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Published: 2 years ago
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Athletic Venture Advisors

Growth Optimization Group - Sports and Sports Technology
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Entrepreneur Advisory
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Business Development
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Marc Wilson

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Athletic Venture Advisors is seeking Independent Business Development Consultants who have experience in Professional Sports, Sports Performance, Sports Technology, Fitness and Healthcare industries. As a Growth Optimization Group we assist and develop Startups and Small businesses to provide partnerships and business development opportunities to lead to greater company value and potential investment (if needed).

We offer services including, but not limited to:
- Fundraising/Capital Seeking
- Business Assessment
- Business Strategy
- Networking
- Business Plan Development
- Sales & Marketing Services
- Advisory Boards/Board of Directors
- and more.

Our clients are at various stages of growth. Experience with Startups, Small Businesses, Venture Capital and Investment is an asset.

Compensation varies based on the client and services.

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Marc Wilson
Lead Advisor • 3 years • 6 years
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