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About the job is on a mission to make “one human, one doctor” a reality by working toward the goal of creating an AI doctor to save more lives and solve the doctor shortage/availability in the world. Worldwide, people are grappling with a shortage of doctors, a challenge in every country on Earth. This issue significantly impacts overall human health. In the US, for example, there are 1.9 Physicians (Per every 1,000 people). Our mission is to make it a 1:1 ratio. We aim to be the organization that saves the most lives in human history by making high quality healthcare available to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Goal 1: Healthcare is way behind; it still feels like it’s the 80s, and building a better infrastructure for doctors is an obvious first step. Using AI, 100% of doctors’ admin work can be automated.
Goal 2: Copilot for doctors. After we streamline the admin work and documentation for doctors, we focus on reducing the chances of misdiagnosis.

About the Role
Sully.AI is looking for an enthusiastic Fouding Designer to provide strategic and operational leadership to’s design initiatives as we are embarking on a mission to become an AI-medical assistant company. Reporting to our Chief Technology Officer, you will lead a dedicated team of designers to develop an all-in-one AI-medical assistant platform, and cutting-edge AI models and tools. You will be one of the first designers to join the SullyAI team and will work closely with the co-founders.
In this role, you will work closely with the Engineering, Data, Product, and other teams to lay the foundation of design at We are looking for someone with extensive experience in design and a passion for solving some of the most complex and important problems related to healthcare.

Hands-on designer who designs everyday - Oversee the design and maintenance of an All-in-one AI-medical assistant AI platform that enables rapid creation, testing, and deployment. The solution should be scalable and developed with bias mitigation in mind.
Team Leadership and Development: Recruiting (continuously scan and evaluate) designers, contractors, agencies to build a world-class team of designers and engineers, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
AI Model Design: Delivering features fast as “speed is our currency.” Lead the design of advanced AI models to enhance user experience, safety, and outcomes across the entire product funnel. This includes ideation, model development, validation, and implementation.
Innovation: Always drive First Principles thinking while keeping abreast of the latest AI trends, AI Platforms, applications, and best practices, and advise on potential adoption to drive competitive advantage.
Privacy, Security, Compliance: Build secure, privacy-preserving and compliant products with the best interest of the user in mind. In the US, make sure our products are always in compliance with regulatory requirements like SOC2, HIPAA, etc.
Operational Efficiency: Lead engineers as the organization grows while being able to talk to customers daily. Implement AI tools to optimize operational efficiency across the organization, working closely with cross-functional teams to understand customer needs and develop AI solutions that drive improvement. Foster a data-driven culture within Sully.AI, promoting the use of AI in decision-making processes.
Strategic Planning: Collaborate with the tech leadership and the executive team to define Sully. Ai’s strategy and goals, ensuring alignment with the broader business objectives.

What We are Looking For:
BS/MS/PhDMS degree in Computer Science, AI, Data Science, or a related field. A PhD would be considered a plus.
Minimum of 5 years of experience working on design and delivering intuitive products with exceptional ability used by 100K customers.
Proven experience in a similar leadership role, preferably in a product-led tech company in a capacity with Growth Mindset. Any previous experience as a Technical Co-founder of a startup or MAANG high level leadership is a plus.
Ability to work as an exceptional individual contributor, with a proven strong track record of building, managing, and developing high-performing teams without compromise on quality of talent.
Expert in modern AI technologies (including generative AI), machine learning models, data analytics, and the underlying infrastructure & engineering to reliably deploy these models at scale.
Expert in Machine Learning and building reliable/high availability AI/ML systems.
Ability to communicate complex data insights in a clear and actionable way to non-technical stakeholders.
Highly motivated, proactive, and collaborative team player with the ability to persuade others and influence outcomes

Our Values:
We’re here to save lives
Dream Big “Think 100x”
Launch then listen
Move fast (Speed is our currency)
Never compromise on talent
Transparency builds trust
Change is the only constant
First principles thinking
Try a lot of stuff and keep what works.
Work smart, long and hard

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Building the world's best doctor - Starting with making doctors superhuman
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