Director of Management (Volunteer)

 (2+ years exp)
$10k – $50k
Published: 1 month ago
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501c3 non-profit; One stop for cancer care

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We are looking for volunteer Director of management for Various states in North America.

Oncotelligent, a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization, stands as cancer patient’s voice and works toward bringing the right information, cancer services, and providers at one platform, giving people more power to choose what suits best to their condition. Oncotelligent understands that cancer can not be addressed without understanding the whole oncology practice/community and, by bringing them together-Oncotelligent will not only facilitate this collaboration, break scientific and clinical silos but also share scientific facts and information which will eventually benefit cancer patients and therefore the community.

About this position:

The individual selected for this position will be responsible for directing/managing all volunteers/employees of Oncotelligent in your state/City. They will also help to oversee activities related to Oncotelligent.
The individual selected for this position will help recruit other like-minded individuals to positions in Oncotelligent.
The individual selected for this position will organize/coordinate events including fundraising, media, as well as other additional events involving Oncotelligent. This will be done with assistance from other Oncotelligent members. They will organize and delegate responsibilities to other students and volunteers in their Community.
The individual selected for this position will be involved in overseeing other Oncotelligent members in selected City/State. These positions will include but are not limited to research scientist, business students, media specialist and many other positions.
The individual selected for this position will show leadership and cultivate a culture of passion, enthusiasm, and accountability. From the training they receive and working with leading experts in the field they will communicate clearly the expectations and duties to other members of Oncotelligent in their City/State.
The individual selected for this position will continually look for ways to progress Oncotelligent and involve their community with the Oncotelligent experience.

Please apply here.

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