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Alli Widman

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This is a unique opportunity to play a big role in an exciting new venture in the adventure travel business. Avant Ski is just finishing its second full ski season. We've partnerd with Fora Travel and have access to incredible perks at ski resorts and hotels globally. We are rapidly gaining traction. We are transforming ski and adeventure travel discovery and planning. Think of us as a credible friend who can give you tips to create your perfect snow adventure.

We have a ton to do as we expand from ski travel media and planning to adventure travel globally. We are looking for a creative, self-starter who is keen to build something from the ground up and have a lot of fun along the way.

We are working to build our library of content including guides to more destinations, especially in Europe and Japan.

We are also actively working to increasing qualified lead generation, improve our email campaign, and build our social media presence. We are also looking to partner / collaborate with local players in adventure travel communities, especially ski resorts.

The ideal candidate is nimble, a ski and / or snowboard enthusiast, enjoys writing and has an eye for design. Must enjoy brainstorming and addressing new challenges / opportunities regularly. You will get hands on experience and work closely with the Founder, who has an MBA, more than a decade of investment banking and consulting experience and has been an avid skier and traveler her entire life.

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Alli Widman
Founder • 3 years • 5 years
New York
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