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Embedded Systems
Software Testing
Cyber Security
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Dipali Meshram

About the job

What if you can safeguard the future of all technologies?

Today, most of the systems are connected, automated, and remotely monitored/controlled. Be it Industrial or commercial, automation with connectivity has a huge impact on evolving sectors including HealthTech, Industry 4.0, Satellite, Defense/Military, 5G, and Smart cities. These are prone to cyberattacks due to various limitations in computation, bandwidth, and advances in Quantum computing.

Microsec ( is a fast-growing Singapore based company that has built an enterprise cybersecurity platform that protects against such attacks by facilitating mathematical and computationally optimized encryption algorithms supporting Post-Quantum Cryptography with Machine Learning. To protect from Zero-day attacks, the platform also enables a Machine-learning/AI-based Anomaly detection system that can run on the smallest microcontrollers to the largest supercomputers. An incredible team of various scientists and engineers from across the world has joined the incredible journey to build this technology. The team is looking for its next rockstar candidates to take the company to the next level and safeguard the future of all technologies.

MicroSec ( is looking for a technically inclined candidate with full suite of testing skills for its fast-growing IoT & OT Cybersecurity. This person should be naturally very curious, loves technology, and is ethical hacker. This person will do vulnerability assessment, penetration testing for MicroSec’s OT & IoT cybersecurity products.

What you’ll do

Core activities

  • Analyzing users stories and/use cases/requirements for validity and feasibility
  • Creating detailed test plans that cover all aspects of testing, including functional, regression, performance, and usability testing.
  • Developing test cases and scripts based on software requirements and specifications. Executing these test cases, and documenting the results.
  • Performing manual testing to identify issues in software applications. This includes exploring various use-case scenarios to uncover any functional or user interface defects.
  • Developing and executing automated tests, if applicable. This involves using automated testing tools to streamline the testing process.
  • Identifying, logging, and tracking defects or bugs found during testing. Communicating these issues with the development team and following up to ensure they are resolved.
  • Ensuring that the software meets quality standards and complies with regulatory requirements. This involves checking for functionality, reliability, usability, and performance.
  • Conducting regression tests every time there is a modification in the software to ensure that new bugs have not been introduced.
  • Working closely with software developers and other team members to understand the software’s functionality and design for effective testing.
  • Testing the user interface of the software for ease of use and ensuring it meets the design specifications.
  • Checking the software performance under various conditions, including load, stress, and scalability testing.
  • Documenting all test processes, including writing test reports, maintaining test databases, and creating test documentation for future reference.

Perform API test

  • Use request tools such as curl or postman
  • Capture logs from client and server side
  • Simple docker commands to see server-side logs
  • Test API requests via Dashboard and capture logs

Use Docker Commands

  • docker logs
  • docker exec
  • Bring up and down containers
  • Spin up docker containers

Embedded Device Testing (for Embedded Testers)

  • Program embedded devices (flash)
  • Memory dump and analysis
  • JTAG and Firmware analysis
  • Serial port analysis

Who you are

  • You have a Degree in Computing / Computer Science / Engineering or a related domain from a reputed University
  • You have more than 3 years of experience in doing functional tests, regression, performance, usability, integration tests, writing automation scripts and testing APIs
  • You are experienced in Python, Linux Shell, and Dockers
  • Experience in Selenium, Katalon, Watir, or related tools
  • Understanding of database management and proficiency in SQL for testing applications that interact with databases
  • Experience in discovering and tracking bugs in a KPI-enabled environment
  • Experience in using bug-tracking tools to log and track defects (e.g., Bugzilla, Redmine).
  • You have worked in a startup environment and have contributed to all aspects of testing, including functional, regression, performance, and usability testing.
  • Experience in Embedded systems is a plus
  • Experience in OpenSSL, PKI and other cybersecurity tools is a plus
  • Certifications like ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) or CSTE (Certified Software Tester) are a plus

About the company

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Protecting the Connected World
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