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About Thesis Thesis is a cryptocurrency venture studio whose mission is to empower the individual. We’re a fun, down-to-earth, fast-paced, highly collaborative, and fully remote team!We seek, fund, and build products and protocols in cryptocurrency and decentralized businesses that enable personal empowerment. Our projects include Keep (now Threshold) Network, a privacy protocol for public blockchains, Fold, for earning Bitcoin on your purchases in the physical and virtual worlds, Taho, a community owned and operated cryptocurrency wallet, and Embody, a fully encrypted period tracking app.Investors in the company include Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, and Draper Associates, among others. We are a remote-first company, led by founders who have been operating in the cryptocurrency and web3 space since 2014. About the L5 Go Engineer (Staff) Thesis is seeking an L5 Go Engineer (Staff Engineer) to seed one of our upcoming projects’ node/bridge development, focused on writing Go code and deeply interfacing with Solidity/EVM functionality. Prior work by the Thesis team in this domain with relevant mixes of Go and Solidity can be seen in the Keep random beacon, tBTC v1, and tBTC v2 core work at https://github.com/keep-network/keep-core and https://github.com/keep-network/tbtc-v2.We are particularly interested in speaking to engineers who are ready to take on tech lead responsibilities for a small team in coming months. Number of openings 2 What You’ll Do Staff engineers at Thesis have a passion for the inner-workings of technology inside and outside of their role on the team. This role focuses on complex problem solving, security, supportability, and a pragmatic approach to implementation. You will be expected to quickly understand the strengths and weaknesses of existing code you are working on and carefully and pragmatically choose what needs changing now and what should be changed over time to hit timelines and successfully deliver secure, stable, working software. We want engineers who are comfortable communicating and teaching more junior engineers, and who can clearly articulate tradeoffs between decisions. You’ll be expected to:

  • Stay connected to best practices in the engineering and web3 communities.
  • Always prioritize security and communicate your approach to keeping the system secure.
  • Understand and respect Chesterton’s Fence, approaching problems with the intent to perturb existing systems as little as possible until they are well understood.
  • Navigate ambiguity by creating structure when it is lacking.
  • Document your thinking so others can understand your approach.
  • Work to identify issues before they hit production through a rigorous testing practice.
  • Identify and put users first across the full spectrum of your work—from command-line parameters to APIs.
  • Evangelize simplicity, supportability, and ease of use. Experience
  • At least 3 years experience in a staff role or at least 5 years successful experience as a full stack engineer in a high performance environment.
  • Experience executing against all requirements listed under “Responsibilities”.
  • Strong knowledge of Go, including familiarity with standard Go tooling and with effective Go guidelines.
  • Existing understanding of and experience with Solidity-Go bindings and calling Solidity contracts from Go. Ideally, You’ll Have
  • Existing technical familiarity with Evmos or a related ecosystem.
  • Existing technical familiarity with Bitcoin. More about about Tech Leads at Thesis Tech leads at Thesis set the pace and help perpetuate the Thesis engineering culture. As a Tech lead, you will be helping the team systematically adhere to engineering best practices while acting as a mentor to less experienced teammates. This mentorship requires empathy and patience, establishing a sense that no question is a bad question to foster a learning centric environment. Tech leads work with engineering leadership to make suggestions for team configurations and identify blind spots. Engineering leadership and project leads rely on tech leads for insights into process efficacy, team morale, and spotting potential burnout. In projects that don’t have an explicit product function, tech leads may take on the role of structuring and running sprint plannings and sprint reviews. Location All Thesis roles are remote-first, with a preference for Europe & Americas time zones. Salary We offer competitive salaries, variable with experience and a number of other factors. Benefits At Thesis, we work in a fun, fast-paced environment that operates by collaborating both remotely and in person when we can. We offer a competitive salary, full health benefits, opportunity for equity and a number of other perks. Our Cultural Tenets We Believe in Freedom and AutonomyWe Have Inquisitive MindsWe Are Obsessed with CommunicationWe Are Proudly OffbeatWe Care About Each OtherWe Are Driven

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