Marketing Manager (eCommerce)

 (4+ years exp)
$30k – $65k
Published: 1 month ago


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Job Type

Full Time

Visa Sponsorship

Not Available

Remote Work Policy

Remote only


Not Allowed


Digital Marketing
Marketing Management

The Role

We’re in the search for our next teammate. 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽🌿✨

We’re looking for a marketing maverick with a passion for wellness and a love for all things digital.

Do you dream of managing a DTC brand in the health and wellness space? Helping build a brand, creating raving fans, and driving sales through online channels?

While also spreading positivity and empowerment through the magic of Mother Nature’s supplements?

Well, you're in luck because we're on the hunt for an Ecommerce Marketing Manager to join our vibrant team!

BUT… before you read any further, let's make sure you're not wasting your time.

Are you the type of person who likes learning about proven (and innovative) marketing strategies that will help grow a brand and build LTV?

Do you get excited to take ACTION on what you just learned?

Are you passionate about your work and take pride in the results you deliver?

If so, keep reading.

If not... well, we may have another job for you, but this isn't it.

So, here's what you're full time job will look like:

  • Building Brand (a conscious led health company looking to build community)
  • Promote Products In A Creative Way (Come up With Creative Angles/Ideas)
  • Online Store Management (Shopify)
  • Other Sales Channel Management (TikTok Shop, Walmart, Amazon, etc)
  • Creative Management (Working with designers, photographers, and UGC to get new and fresh creative on a consistent basis)
  • Email & SMS Management (Klaviyo & Retention tools to play the long game)
  • Copywriting (with the help of ChatGPT & AI)
  • Landing Page Design and Creation (with the help of our Designers)
  • Light Advertising (run reports, work with our ads teams, etc)
  • Lead Magnet Design/Creation (Ideate ways to bring people into our ecosystem)
  • Researching Marketing Methods (new innovative strategies that will move the needle)
  • Implementing (yes you actually have to do work)
  • Doing things you have no idea how to do

You’ll be working around 40+ hours per week. And we would like you to be an integral part of our company and team.

This will be a paid position.

This is a remote position (so it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway).

You need a computer and reliable internet connection to handle all of the work load.

🌟 WHO ARE WE? (Nutriissa)

  • We are a team of heart led leaders… action takers… and problem solvers.
  • We are doing cool things with cool people - while changing the world through health and wellness products and education.
  • We help people through our various health and supplement products.
  • Create and sell products to RAVING Fans.


  • High Vibrational Growth Only
  • Heart-Led Connection
  • Genuine Service
  • Abundance Mentality
  • Evoke Positive Feelings


  • You are independent and want to be a part of something greater
  • You think work should be fun.
  • You have a creative (marketing) mind.
  • You are very self-organized and self-directed.
  • You always ask “how can I make this even better”?

✨ What You Bring:

  • A passion for wellness and a love for laughter.
  • Ecommerce experience that's as solid as a rock.
  • A creative flair that turns ordinary campaigns into extraordinary ones.
  • A knack for turning data into marketing gold.
  • The ability to motivate and inspire your teammates with your charisma.
  • A genuine desire to make the world a healthier, happier place!


  • We’re committed to seeing you succeed, as such you will have access to the founders (there’s no bureaucracy) and our resources for your own personal & professional development.
  • Help Growing and Expanding in Business and Personal life.
  • Wellness perks to keep you feeling fabulous.
  • Access to a network of other amazing people and future events we’re working on.
  • We will ask your advice and look to your for original ideas
  • The chance to be a part of something bigger and make a real impact.


  • If this sounds like you, we want to hear from you.
  • Send us an email to [email protected] telling us why you should work with us.
  • Include a link to your personal facebook profile.
  • Include a link to your linkedin profile.
  • Write this as your email subject - Marketing Maestro Application
  • Standby, Leave the rest to us :)

Our hiring process is made up of 4 elimination rounds.
If we like what we see in your email, we’ll prompt you to round 2.
After you submit your application email, please do not follow up with me. You will receive a confirmation email that we’ve received your submission, no ‘bonus points’ will be given for following up. ;)

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