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$75k – $95k
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The Role

We’re hiring a part-time software engineer with 2 or more years of professional experience to enhance our Freedom Android application. We expect this role to be a 20 hour a week commitment, with the potential to scale up into a Full Time role over time.

Our Freedom Android application implements app- and website-blocking functionality on Android devices, similar to our Mac, Windows and iOS apps. The application also interacts with our web service API, which is written in Ruby on Rails. You’ll work directly with our senior software engineer responsible for Android development in this role, and be managed by an engineering manager.

You’ll work primarily with the following technologies:

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Architecture patterns: MVP, MVVM
  • RxJava
  • Dagger2 + Dagger Hilt
  • Room DB
  • Retrofit2
  • Coroutines
  • Compose

While the position's primiary role will be supporting the Android application, our company is cross-functional, so you can also expect exposure to our iOS and desktop applications. Our goal is to have mobile work shared within the team, rather than siloed to individuals. As a result, familiarity with these technologies is a plus:

  • An understaning of the App Lifecycle
  • Google Billing
  • Analytics
  • Crashlytics
  • Remote Config
  • Notifications
  • Media Player
  • Styles

We are seeking someone with 2–10 years of professional software development experience. The most important work you’ll be doing will be with Android.

At Freedom, we employ modern tools for developing and monitoring our product:

  • Git/Github for version control
  • Heroku for infrastructure
  • Linear for Project Management
  • Slack for team communication, pair programming
  • Semaphore and Buddybuild for CI
  • Papertrail and Rollbar for logging and error tracking

We are strong believers in the principles of agile software development. We utilize a monthly (or faster) cadence for releases, and use lightweight estimation in our scope planning. We run a weekly checkin but allow the developers to work independently. All code that goes into production is reviewed by at least one other person on the team. We write tests for almost all of our server-side code, some of our other code, and would like to increase this practice. Throughout the day we often jump onto a screen sharing call for pair programming sessions; we like to keep in touch and help each other work through problems.

Our team is smart, mature, respectful, and friendly. We’ve created a good environment for people who want to work on interesting technical challenges and make a difference in people’s lives. This position is fully-remote, and we are targeting our hire between the US Eastern and Central European timezones. We look forward to working with you!

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2 rounds
Seed Jun 2015


Fred Stutzman
CEO • 3 years • 10 years
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