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Frontend Development

The Role

We are searching for a passionate and skilled WordPress Developer.

To fit this job role, you should have experience in front-end and back-end development, creating WordPress themes and plugins, and handling integrations and regular updates of the CMS.

We are looking for someone who can design engaging and functional websites for our clients and fits our WordPress Developer job description.

You would need a strong interest and understanding of front-end development, industry trends, website architecture, and new technologies for content management systems.

  1. Responsibilities
  • Collaborating with clients to design websites and their functions
  • Developing the front-end of the website
  • Planning and creating the website architecture
  • Managing back-end tasks like database and server integration
  • Generating WordPress themes and plugins
  • Testing and troubleshooting the website
  • Analyzing live website performance
  • Maintaining website security and compliance
  • Researching technical specifications of a project based on client inputs
  • Training and leading a team of developers
  • Ensuring the overall quality of a project
  1. Requirements

-At least 2 years of experience working as a WordPress Developer
-Knowledge of development technologies including PHP, JavaScript, HTML, jQuery, SQL, and CSS
-Basic knowledge of Git and other code versioning tools
-Experience in using and developing other CMS tools
-Experience in testing and debugging tools
-Understanding of website architecture and aesthetics
-Strong verbal and written communication skills
-Ability to lead and work as part of a team

  1. Preferred Skills

Web servers like ASP and Apache
React/React Native frameworks
Graphic Design Skills
Knowledge of REST APIs and MySQL

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