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Embedded Systems
System Design
Embedded C/C++
Embedded Firmware Development

About the job

Who We Are

Navier is building the boat of the future! We are a fast-growing startup in the maritime space led by MIT engineers with a passion for boating. Our DNA is one part maritime, one part Silicon Valley tech and one part aerospace. Our first product, Navier 27, is a hydrofoil electric boat speedboat that is 90% more efficient than a traditional speedboat. And, it flies above the surface of the water avoiding discomfort and motion-sickness in rough weather (not to mention foiling is a super cool experience).

While Navier 27 will initially be sold to boating enthusiasts, our aspiration is to create radical disruption in waterborne transportation. We believe that achieving a step-function decrease in the operating cost of small vessels - making them as cost effective to operate as a car - will unlock a compelling and meaningful opportunity in transportation. That is, a scalable urban mobility solution for our congested coastal cities.

About the Role

Our boat contains a high level of automation and computerization - flight control systems, electric powertrain controls, fly-by-wire user controls, vehicle remote connectivity, etc. You will play an integral role in designing and implementing these embedded devices onboard the craft that enable this degree of automation.

We are an early stage startup. You will begin as an individual contributor within a small close-knit team leading the development of a major component of our product. As a rapidly growing company we expect this role to evolve over time with opportunities to manage a team as we grow our headcount. The ideal candidate is passionate, driven, and excited about playing a key role in bringing our first product to market.

About the Work

  • Assist in embedded architecture design for powertrain, flight, and connected vehicle systems
  • Perform make-buy analysis on specific sub components
  • Collaborate with contractors on PCB development where necessary, and perform in-house testing, and validation
  • Interface with various sensors and low-level hardware devices
  • Contribute in firmware + low level driver development

About You

  • BS, MS or PhD in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering
  • 4+ years of relevant industry experience.
  • Familiarity with embedded controllers, computer systems, and embedded architecture
  • Experience with firmware and low-level software development
  • Candidate ideally has completed at least one commercial product development program
  • Candidate ideally has previous experience with embedded systems for EV, automotive, aerospace or marine applications

Bonus Points

  • Passion for, and experience with boats / maritime

About the company


Sampriti Bhattacharyya
Founder • 3 years
San Francisco
Reo Baird
Founder • 3 years
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