Rockstar Tech Tutor (Executive in Residence-Contractor)

 (6+ years exp)
$120k – $200k • No equity
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Information Technology
Software Development
Software Architecture
Continuous Integration
Web Technologies

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Jan Lukas Haslbeck

The Role

Who is NATE?

NATE is the next generation tech learning platform for professionals with business background. Native tech education is driven by proven leaders from the software world. Throughout various modules the program aims to empower people to handle the challenges of the digital world and help them grow in their field. Much like the PowerMBA but for technology.

Let's build the future of education in tech.

Who we are and what we believe in?

A group of digital product and technology enthusiasts, who have been at the forefront of software delivery in the European ecosystem for the last years. We believe that the cognitive gap between "the business" and "the developers" needs to be closed. Most companies can improve on decision making when it comes to technology. Hence, every employee should receive the best education to take better decisions - NATE.

We love the outdoors and are looking for an alternative to today's work concepts, hence the Co-Founder should be passionate about life and its opportunities outside of the office. Some of us are living close by, others very remote. Some have kids, some have dogs and some have both.

Our story

I am Jan Lukas, the founder of NATE. I am passionate about technology and what it can do to people's lifes.

In the light of an ever increasing impact of technology on all aspects of life, I find it frustrating how little universities and companies are able to prepare us for taking decisions in this environment. While developers can use various sources for constant upskilling and basically everyone can do an MBA, there is no qualitative learning path for someone working a business job with a need to better understand the technology she or he is dealing with daily.

This situation will exacerbate the more digital we become. A staggering amount of employees globally is facing the need to upskill today to be able to still take the right decisions tomorrow.

We want to put everyone in the position to take smart business decisions about technology. Hence, we connect both worlds to make learning more effective and future proof.

Do you want to be part of this amazing story?

The role

As our Rockstar Tech Tutor, you are at the core of what NATE wants to create as a proposition. The style of our virtual classes is one of our key differentiators that puts us ahead of competition. In the beginning you will support in finalising our first learning modules, but mostly you will lead one or two weekly virtual classes for a certain period every quarter. Afterwards your role could evolve into:

  • Defining future courses and evolving the curriculum
  • Taking an active role in developing the company
  • Driving the engagement with current and future participants
  • Using your brand and reach to publish your work actively

Are you still with us ? Great! keep reading 👇

Based in either Berlin, London, Paris or Amsterdam? Happy to work remote but travel to Berlin on a regular basis?


  • You have led a company with a successful software product as CTO or Tech Lead
  • You can demonstrate a track record in the implementation of various technologies
  • You are a true thought-leader and have always been able to convince people around you of your vision
  • Education and upskilling is something you value and have actively supported in the past
  • The transfer of rough idea and visions into frameworks is something you excell in


  • Highly motivated and ambitious, you are passionate about making a positive change.
  • Positive, curious and open-minded, you like to bounce ideas, learn new things and share your opinion openly.
  • Pragmatic, problem solver and hands-on — You spot opportunities and issues, and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty to tackle them head-on.
  • Winning personality - you have a "go to" aura and enjoy the exchange with others
  • Easy going, fun and creative, you’re comfortable developing a new place for learning, although you maybe disliked school or university.
  • Verbal acrobat in a sense that you can speak freely and engaging, but still stay "on script".

Why you should join today?

NATE wants to make a change for the better in lifelong learning. By joining at the start of the adventure you will have an opportunity to make this your own baby and have fun shaping the future of the industry.

You'll be proud to be working for a company that helps people to thrive, you will connect to a lot of companies along the way and you will make friends for life.

More about NATE

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Sarah Woertler
Co-Founder • 3 years • 2 years
Jan Lukas Haslbeck
Founder • 3 years
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