Platform Engineer

 (4+ years exp)
$120k – $180k • 0.25% – 2.0%
Published: 3 weeks ago

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Full Time

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Not Available




AWS Cloud Services
Go (Golang)

The Role

About Partnerbeat

Partnerbeat is supercharging business relationships. We believe everyone deserves to have better relationships with their customers and partners.

We’re tackling a massive market as the only end-user-centric platform. We are a pre-seed stage startup and are pre-launch with early users who spend their lives in Partnerbeat easily managing their business relationships.

We’re backed by top venture funds and incredible angel investors who have felt the pain point we’re solving in their own business relationships.

About the Role

We’re a team of gritty engineers who lean into tough problems. Our team prides itself on leaving their ego at the door and taking ownership over problems to get worthwhile solutions into the hands or our end users. We believe in persistent iteration and lean into learning from what users actually do so we can create true value and make their work lives easier.

Over the next 18 months, our goal is to grow from tens to tens of thousands of users. The only way this is feasible is with a base of secure, scalable infrastructure, industry leading CI/CD pipelines, and best in class developer toolsets to effectively develop in and monitor our platform as we scale our team. As our first infrastructure hire, you’ll be responsible for designing our engineering systems and rolling out the requisite tools and technologies to get us there.

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