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The secure marketplace to buy and sell investment grade art

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Full Stack Development
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About Peggy Inc.

Peggy is the secure marketplace for investment-grade art. The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Craig Follett and Adam Meghji, who have worked together for over 9 years, and sold their last business to Live Nation Entertainment in 2015.

In times of societal crisis and turmoil throughout humanity, artists pave the way for social change and transformation. As an investment, art is among the only appreciating asset classes you can also enjoy (like real estate), plus is uncorrelated to traditional markets. This is why billionaires and banks seek out art as a safe haven to preserve wealth in their portfolios. Yet tragically, the rest of us are unable to participate in the art market, and support the practice of emerging artists who create transformative messages through their works.

Peggy partners with galleries and artists, to make living with and investing in art accessible to all. Finally you can buy incredible art at a price you can afford, and can later sell to fellow collectors if your tastes change or you seek to rebalance your art investments. Core to our values, Peggy does good by the artists themselves, who can finally earn artist royalties for all future secondary sales as well - something they miss out on today. This is all made possible using sophisticated and proprietary AI and ML which keeps buyers and sellers protected without the need for the antiquated and opaque Auction House model.

About the Role

Peggy is looking for a talented full stack developer to work on our mobile-first frontend app. You will be partnering with our design, front-end (Flutter), and technical leadership teams as we drive towards our exciting alpha release.

Our world-class design team extensively uses Figma to create hi-fi mobile interfaces. Our front end team, leveraging Flutter, will be responsible for providing initial developer feedback to the design team and iterating in Figma, before building the interfaces in Flutter/Dart. We also have a lightweight mobile web app built in Rails and paired with Tailwind, maintained by our Principal Designer (who also has dev chops). As part of the back end team, you will be responsible for providing an elegant and well-documented GraphQL API as an entrypoint into Peggy's content, data, and business logic, which is crafted in Ruby, Rails and Postgres. You will be supported by a DevOps infrastructure, which leverages AWS, Terraform, CI/CD, CloudWatch, Auth0, Sentry, and other developer-friendly tools and systems.

You will report directly to Peggy's CTO, who will be involved in reviewing, testing, and providing feedback on your work. As a manager who believes in mentorship, guidance, and coaching, Peggy's CTO will also be involved in helping you hit the company goals you can directly impact, as well as encouraging your continued growth and happiness at all stages of your career.

Working at Peggy

Peggy is a remote-first company. We are building the company this way so we can curate a team with the best talent from anywhere in the world, and to create flexibility for team members.

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Seed Feb 2023


Adam Meghji
Co-founder & CTO • 3 years
Craig Follett
Co-founder & CEO • 3 years • 4 years
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